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Tenrakai Manifest

Ramen is the fuss free, delicious soul food of Japan. Tare, broth, noodles, toppings – The formula for pure magic. Tenrakai is going beyond this. It is synonymous with taking a very close look at each element and constantly striving to improve it towards a perfect harmony. This is our philosophy here at Slurp! To this end, we are committed to sourcing the best available ingredients, both locally and from the motherland, Japan. From noodles to broth, everything will be made in house. But really we just hope to start a conversation about what good Ramen is, because let’s face it: done right, there are few things better.

The Team


This is Norman. Norman loves Ramen. Also he is a bit of a local celebrity over in Japan. So we were quite surprised when he chatted us up during our last trip to Tokyo. See Norman normally is not the chatty type, quite reclusive, classic celebrity. But somehow it did get his tail wiggling when he heard we were from Copenhagen. "Denmark" he said, "I’ve been meaning to go for a while". So after a few bowls of Ramen, a scratch behind the ears, and some tongue action, we found ourselves pushing him into our suit case. He never had a choice. 

Nowadays, he is mostly watching over the construction of his new favourite Ramen restaurant. Ok who are we kidding here, actually the guy is always out in town, partying like an animal and looking for new friends. What a life!